Wallace L. Frigon, Sr.

Wallace L. Frigon Sr. is CEO and Founder of CSI. He has been involved in the Specialty Restoration Industry since 1986 with a certificate degree in building technologies and a background in business. Mr. Frigon has served on the Board of Directors and as President of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). Together with his business partners, he decided in 1996 that it was time to fulfill his entrepreneurial longing. He followed his vision to establish a company built on a bedrock of quality workmanship and unparalleled service through innovation.

Don T. Kearney

Don T. Kearney has more than 3 decades of industry experience in the repair and restoration of concrete and masonry structures. He earned a degree in Structural Engineering from Dublin Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science from Trinity College Dublin. Prior to co- founding CSI in 1996, he worked for structural engineering consulting companies both domestically and in Europe and has co-authored articles for a number of industry magazines. In addition to being a member of many industry groups, he also maintains his charter engineering status in Ireland and Europe.

Mark A. Johnson

Mark A. Johnson specializes in the analysis and evaluation of project financials to ensure all clients are utilizing their forecasted budget to the fullest potential. With broad technical skills and thorough organizational abilities, Mr. Johnson guides each project’s financial aspect directly, assisting CSI’s staff. He has extensive knowledge of technology, accounting systems and software. His innovative approach to problem-solving and in-depth knowledge of contract negotiation makes him ideally suited to oversee CSI’s continued strength and growth. Mr. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southeastern Massachusetts University, and is past Treasurer of the NE Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

History of Success

Contracting Specialists Incorporated was founded in 1996 to provide ‘Customer Service through Innovation’. Since its inception, the company has earned a reputation of excellence among clients, engineers & industry peers.

Dedicated Leadership Team

The firm’s three seasoned co-owners are active in the business, and they lead a team that includes more than 50 Project Managers, Field Support and administrative staff.

Commitment to Safety

The CSI team’s outstanding performance record underscores their commitment to running clean, quiet operations that respect each building users’ work environment. CSI also has a Safety Officer who focuses on safety, not production. The CSI Team’s safe, efficient, and cost-effective support positions your project for success and generates VALUE for all involved.

Culture of Teamwork

The CSI team works together to ensure an integrated approach to supporting projects with regard to all aspects of restoration and repair solutions. The corporate culture at CSI celebrates and rewards dedication, and whenever possible, team members are promoted from within the organization.